Triathlon club, outrigger and kayakers

Things are starting to move a little faster for EAS now.

I hope to have my business plan ‘finished’ tomorrow, thanks to an artifical deadline set up by a Small Business BC business plan contest.  In all reality the plan should become a dynamic document that grows with the business.  Let’s hope it doesn’t become the Frankenstein of the business plan world…

I am beginning to get back into more active coaching again.  The high performance kayakers are a staple in my week now as well as some contract technique work with a kapuna outrigger paddler.  The main kapuna six man outrigger program has also expressed interest in having me work for them again in 2005.

I am also involved in a start-up triathlon club with fellow triathlete Andrew Tuovinen and race promoter Owen Davis.  We had our first information session this past Saturday and 15 people showed up.  There were some excellent questions from the audience, and we had considered most of them previously in our weekly planning meetings.  If you missed Saturday, we are doing it again this Thursday December 2nd, 7:00 pm in room 107 downstairs in the Kitsilano Community Centre.  Incidentally, the club has its own blog at so check it out sometime.

On the horizon, December 12 I am instructing an adult xc ski group for the Hollyburn Jackrabbit ski parents’.  Assuming Cypress will be open of course.  However, with 17 cm of snow the past few days it is looking promising for a new ski season in Vancouver.




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