GPS geekology

For GPS nerds here is a look ahead into the use of GPS at 20 Hz (20 samples per second) in sports. Most (all?) hand held GPS units are limited to 1 Hz (1 sample per second)

When this level of accuracy makes it way to cheaper / lighter units (Don and Darrell; feel free to let us know your thoughts) it will open up entirely new levels of technical instruction to athletes and coaches. I’ve been waiting to explore such applications in team boat coaching for some time. It is relatively easy to comment objectively on entry and exit timing from video at even 30 Hz, but to be able to extract data on pull speed difference between catch and exit would be even more important for boat run and team blend.

Incidentally, I’ve tested the Silicon Coach software mentioned in the article and it is very, very slick. I’ve used it to analyze K1 technique and it can illustrate some very hard to convey concepts in a few images (i.e. changes in paddle angle from catch to exit, top hand set up height, etc.)

Alan Carlsson
Engineered Athlete Services


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