Learning to ride rollers is a challenge for any cyclist or triathlete who wants to make sure their indoor training will make them faster for the next season.

Rollers 101
Rollers are not for the faint of heart. They are not for quitters. They are humbling. But you will rise like a phoenix. But no one said it was going to be easy.

First step, get some good tire PSI. Soft tires will make rollers super, super tough. Not good tough, stupid tough.

Next step, clear the area to the left and right of the rollers of any hard objects you might injure yourself on should you fall. Which you will. Hence step three.

Third step, set yourself up somewhere you can get support. One of the best places for a roller newby is in a door frame.

Step four, start by riding very very easy, holding onto the door frame with one hand, handlebars with the other. Lowest gear you’ve got. Just turn the pedals. If you’re got XY genetic material it will be more difficult as you’ll feel an urge to go fast in big gears within seconds.

4.5 If you have tri bars, dream on! Learning to ride rollers in tri bars is not a good idea, and probably impossible. As you’ll soon learn…

Step five, back in the door frame, when you feel comfortable riding both left and right handed, slowly, let, go, of, the, door, frame, and, reach, for, the, bars. No sudden movements…

Step six- practice
Step seven- practice
Step eight- practice

Get it?

Rollers 202
You’re able to ride without support, can mop your own brow. Drinking while riding and conversations are still pretty one sided when you’re on the rollers, but let’s not ask for too much. Right?

Rollers 303
Are you ready for an intensity workout on your rollers? Conversations are getting better.

Rollers 404
Intensity rides get longer and a lot harder…

Rollers 505
Time trial time…

Zipper 2016


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