Travel logistics for “away” races


  • See about ordering special meals (high protein/lower carb for the first meal and higher carbs/vegetarian before landing)
  • For important events or long 8+ hour flights, an upgrade to business class would be very beneficial to keep you comfortable and better rested.
  • Try to book direct flights to your destination. Saving on the flight and compromising your perfomrance is a waste of money, time and effort
  • Carry bike shoes, pedals, helmet, race clothing, swim goggles, running shoes and other irreplaceable items in your carry on bag(s)
  • Ship your bike back cargo after the event if traveling more.
  • Ensure you have all medical needs covered;
    • copies of all prescriptions for customs, local MD’s, reordering, etc.- be aware that some medications may be illegal in the places you visit even if legal at home!)
    • extra prescription medication
    • extra eyeglasses and contacts- prescription as well
    • travel and sport accident insurance


  • Allow 1 day adaptation per hour of jet lag
  • Allow 1 day adaptation per 5 C temp/humidex difference
  • Options to minimize
    • begin adapting sleep-wake-meal cycle a couple of weeks earlier up to 4 hours advance / delay only at 1 hour every 3-4 days
    • training: adjusts intensity to match race time and race time zone ASAP
    • reset circadian rhythm quickly through meals and sunlight. Adjust to your anticipated race day sleep pattern from when you arrive.


  • Request lots of water be ready for you at your seat
  • plan on 1 litre/hour even on short flights
  • do not depend on in flight service which can take 60-90 minutes from when you board the plane
  • consider a nebulizer specific for travel (i.e. something like this) to hydrate the air you breath on the plane (airplane air is very, very dry and dried out mucous membranes can increase the risk of infection)
  • If you can bring some of water of your own and carry a big empty bottle for the flight crew to fill for you later when things settle down


  • Make sure your passport is still valid until 6 months after your trip.

Major events (Nationals, Worlds, World Cups)

  • Allow maximum time for adaptation at venue, no cutting corners!
  • Even driving time need 1 day recovery / 2 hours driving for peak performance
  • We go together to make sure we get the best out of you!

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