Sport Psychology: Integrated Support Team perspective

Here is a summary of my notes from Dr. Charles Cardinal’s presentation at the 2008 Sport Science and Technology summit

Pre-planning rationale
Integrity in the plan
Program approach and individual approach

Program model

  • Observation
  • Sport analysis
  • Team / individual assessment
  • Concept utilization
  • Skills / strategies
  • Implementation | simulation
  • Evaluation in competition and training
  • Observation

YTP integration
Preplan with HPD and coach(es)
Mindeval > instant feedback
Biofeedback stress report


  • Daily goals
  • Weekly goals
  • Weekly technical evaluation
  • Professional attitude test
  • Weekly training chart

Tracking and monitoring

  • IST- google docs
  • YTP | Excel | Adobe
  • Feedback athletes / coaches/ IST
  • End of year reports

No more thinking at start or (or T-5 min)


  • Skills (psychology)
  • Technical (sport skills)
  • Plan | tactics | strategy
  • Warm up and warm down

Coach feedback

  • YTP
  • Assess results
  • Team climate
  • Intervention
  • Coaching behaviour
  • Leadership style
  • Video coach at work | training | competition | social

Program evaluation

  • Athlete
  • HPD
  • Coaches
  • IST

Major Games Years

  • Team only
  • Nothing new refine and consolidate

Coach athlete session with sport psychologist

  • Athlete must do session to overcome issues or they are off the team
  • Sport psychology for coaches

Coach confidence

  • No hesitations ever or athletes lose confidence

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