keys to the car

At some point, every coach has to step back and let athletes discover on their own.  This can be technique learning, race tactics or time management.

The lessons learned through discovery based learning are much more powerful than any directed or facilitated learning.  With every athlete there will be a different point that discovery based learning can be introduced.  Younger athletes who have not acquired any “bad habits” can benefit from discovery very quickly.  Older athletes and adults who have accumulated more numerous experience, both good and bad will need more of a guided approach to discovery based learning.

I have one such athlete who I feel is ready for more discovery based learning right now, both for race strategies and tactics as well as technical learning.

So, I’ve handed over the keys to the car and until its back in the garage in one piece I’ll be making some discoveries of my own!


NOTE: dragon boat and generic training notes will be going on line shortly.


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