stock training programs part II

I have a few more thoughts to add to my previous post on stock training programs.

The first that I was mulling over is the dynamic nature of an individual training program administered by a knowledgeable coach.

A good program, stock or individual, is based on a yearly training plan that tracks and plans as much training data as required according to the designer’s needs or abilities.  Where a stock program is set from the moment it is completed, an individualized program is still open to change along with the athlete for whom it was designed.

Changes in a program are needed in a  number of scenarios;

  • improvements at a different rate than anticipated
  • fatigueat a different rate than anticipated
  • additional events
  • schedule changes
  • illness or injury
  • work, school or life obligations

In summary, a stock plan assumes smooth sailing according to initial assumptions.  However, it will not adapt as assumptions are challenged, rejected or modified.

I am sure there will be more thoughts on this as I mull it over and find more time to write them down.


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