SpINfo session

This past Saturday I took part in Cycle4 Athlete Development in support of Amy Kirkham an IM/ | 70.3 Pro I coach.

The session I was leading was an indoor bike spin session, but with an educational theme.  This was new for me as I was trying to do a presentation while working out!  As public speaking isn’t hard enough already, this time I was on my bike, I had athletes riding along and walk by Vancouver Bike Show patrons listening in.

On the positive side, it was expected that I would be short of breath and sweating profusely while doing the presentation.  Pre-presentation checklist was more complicated than usual with microphone, remote control, bike, indoor trainer, towels, gels, energy drinks,…

I lead the group through “planning a fitness workout from an energy system perspective”. In a nutshell, after an easy aerobic threshold warm up, we moved from supra-maximal efforts to anaerobic power to aerobic power and aerobic capacity and economy of motion before closing with anaerobic capacity.

I’ll get the slide show posted shortly.

The fundraiser was a great success and Amy will soon be heading of to her initial 70.3 events in the US and Europe.



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