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Sunday June 5, 11

Triathlon Canada: Regional Training Centre | Vancouver

3 hours ago

Great open water turn and wetsuit tech swim for #LeadingEdge in #KitsPool in sunny #Vancouver!

12 hours ago

Amazing day in #Vancouver for bike ride up Seymour & Cypress. #LeadingEdge and #EngineeredAthlete team were in form!

4 Jun

#LeadingEdge elite and top age groupers doing Seymour+Cypress this AM. Bring it on; professionalism, team work, discipline and dedication

4 Jun

Excellent mtg w Allan of #TriBc about #HighPerformance athlete needs and how the new #TriathlonCanada #RegionalTrainingCentrecan help.

3 Jun

#LeadingEdge combo; 10k bike at 40k pace in groups of 4-6 with 500m run at 3-5k pace. Overpace for opening 50-100m of run

2 Jun

#LeadingEdge tri and cycling working the flats at Iona tonight. Bike and combo bike-run efforts on tap tonight!

2 Jun