Triathlon Canada: Regional Training Centre | Vancouver

Sunday June 5, 11

The planning for the Triathlon Canada regional training centre has begun!  Right now I am collecting data from the various stakeholders such as Triathlon Canada, Triathlon BC and the Canadian Sport Centre Pacific.  I have also held some informal meetings with community stockholder, junior and youth coaches and Vancouver based high performance triathletes.

There are a number of topics that are common to each group and intertwined themes viewed from different perspectives.

Managing these into a viable project will be the main challenge!

If our Regional Training Centre is of interest to you, please feel free to drop me a line and share your thoughts.



2011 Whistler GranFondo program No.1!

Sunday April 3, 11

I just posted my first program designed for the 2011 Whistler GranFondo.

The amount of supporting literature was a little more work than I anticipated and my beta testers all asked for more information or background!

This is a plan for more advanced riders looking to train up to 12+ hours a week for the next six months to be at their best when the event arrives September 11, 2011.  From long distance easy rides to intensity sessions for all energy systems, its all there. Even suggested terrain and weekly goals to get you properly prepared for the journey to Whistler

The plan is now available through Training Peaks- click on the TrainingPeaks logo in the right menu bar for sample info!

Next up, I will have plans for 20, 15 and 10 week builds as well as less training hours for novice and recreational riders


GranFondo Training Plans

Friday March 25, 11

I’m going to give it a go!

I’ve been setting up a few GranFondo Whistler training plans for 2011.  I’ll be posting them through TrainingPeaks and have a direct link to my TrainingPeaks plans from my blog.

Seeing as how I don’t buy into the speed or distance based training, my plans will be different and based on plans that fit the participant’s needs and desires as an athlete;

  • weekly training sessions
  • weekly training hours
  • event goals

All the plans will be six month long building up to the GranFondo September 11, 2011 and probably capturing a few other cycling events in the Vancouver area along the way.  The plan will end two weeks after the event following a transition period  to “ease” out of the plan and back to… something else!

More coming on this soon!


stock training programs part II

Tuesday September 21, 10

I have a few more thoughts to add to my previous post on stock training programs.

The first that I was mulling over is the dynamic nature of an individual training program administered by a knowledgeable coach.

A good program, stock or individual, is based on a yearly training plan that tracks and plans as much training data as required according to the designer’s needs or abilities.  Where a stock program is set from the moment it is completed, an individualized program is still open to change along with the athlete for whom it was designed.

Changes in a program are needed in a  number of scenarios;

  • improvements at a different rate than anticipated
  • fatigueat a different rate than anticipated
  • additional events
  • schedule changes
  • illness or injury
  • work, school or life obligations

In summary, a stock plan assumes smooth sailing according to initial assumptions.  However, it will not adapt as assumptions are challenged, rejected or modified.

I am sure there will be more thoughts on this as I mull it over and find more time to write them down.